12 July 2015

Digging Up The Geophysics: 2015

The new archaeology digging season is underway, but is far from over! If you fancy having a dig this summer, here are some sites in Sussex under excavation on which I have previously done geophysics. At the end of the season, I will do another post about what they have discovered.


Brighton and Hove Archaeological Society are again digging at the medieval site at Ovingdean, where are are uncovering part of the enclosure around the manorial enlosure. What they have looks much more substantial than a simple retaining wall. Are there more buildings against the edge of the enclosure?


The Sussex School of Archaeology are running a training dig at Plumpton Roman Villa. The digs run during the week and are targetting the eastern part of the villa.


Culver Archaeology Project are digging again at Bridge Farm, where they are targetting the intersection ot two Roman roads and the defensive enclosure around the centre of the settlement. When I visited, they were exposing a possible cremation burial and had found an intaglio. Their site has a weekly blog to keep up with what is going on.