16 March 2012

Walking Around Your Geophysics Results II

Hello everybody,

Do you remember me writing this long and complicated blog post about how to walk around your geophysics results using a mobile device? Well you can forget about all that. I recently saw this blog post from Google, which suggested that you can now open kml files directly using the mobile version of Google Earth. "That's really great", I thought, "but I wonder if it also does kmz and image overlays?". Well the answer is yes it does! All you have to do is upload your kmz to a website somewhere, then point the browser on your mobile to it, and it will give you the option to load the file using Google Earth.  It may not immediately fly to the file which you have just loaded, but up will pop your image overlay. This is, of course, more awesome than I can properly explain. Thankyou Google, you are the best. That is the killer app I needed for me to buy an android tablet.

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