13 May 2012

Latest Results: Ringmer

I've recently connected with the Roman Ringmer Study Group, as their area of expertise is where I am looking for a Roman road. To start them off however, I helped them out with something they are currently working on, which was possible a field with something Roman in it, but also has something medieval. According to records, there is a medieval manor house, which was taxed for no less that 8 hearths, which is quite a lot of hearths, and here are the results.

All of you who know me know that something that modern isn't really my bag, so I'm strugglinga bit to interpret this a bit. There are linear features, which seem to be composed of dipole noise rather than the usual ditches, so these could be wall lines composed of a magnetic material such as brick. The strongest rectangular feature is 20 metres wide and 40 metres extending into the field, with possible subdivisions inside. There is another weaker feature stretching a further 30 metres at the same width, possible containing a 9mx19m outbuilding in the SE corner. There is noise suggesting more activity either side of the main features, but none of it is clear. Does anyone out there know more about medieval than me? If so, what are your thoughts?

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