23 September 2012

Latest Results: Ringmer Again

As an update to This Post about Roman road hunting around Ringmer, I've been spending more time with the Roman Ringmer Study Group to track more of this road. We did another survey in the field to the east, and found more of the road there (see image below), which also showed the side ditches a bit better. They are roughly 20 metres apart. The group also did some test pits on features in the first field, the road is flint metalled, with the occasional bit of iron. The other features in the field turned out to be geological, most likely that annoying gley stuff again. This is probably down to the field being quite boggy. Annoying geology is annoying. The full report for this survey has now been written. You can find it here.

Further to this, the Roman Ringmer Study Group very kindly left their home parish to track the road a bit further east. The image below is just west of Laughton Place, which is owned by the Landmark Trust. The road was found to head along the northern edge of the moat, which could possibly mean that the road was still in existence in some form in medieval times. Hopefully the course of the road will be fully mapped out at some point, but the course, at least to the east, is still a bit of mystery.

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