22 May 2013

Version 1.11 of Snuffler Released

It's only a small release time, with a couple of new features.

If you happen to have a Geoscan multiplexer, MPX15 or RM85, you can now import from 2 to 4 parallel readings. There are limitations. The probe spacing is assumed to be 0.5 metres and the size of the grid is limited by the number of readings taken at one time, so for instance, you couldn't have a 20 metre grid with 3 parallel readings, as that just wouldn't fit. As for taking readings at different depths at the same time, not in this version of the software. Perhaps in a later one.

Snuffler will now also import files exported by the EPE magnetometer download software. These are DIY devices constructed from schematics in an old issue of the EPE magazine. They lack any means of balancing, and don't have a fixed number of readings per line, so what Snuffler will do with these is allow you to set the size of the grid, chop off any readings in lines greater than that size and insert dummy readings for lines less than that size. It's not ideal, but then neither is the hardware unfortunately.

I had hoped to get the import for the Geoscan FM256 working for this version, but I have given up for now. It has been made more difficult because I don't have access to one of these machines for testing. I have been doing some testing with a number of my users to try and sort this out, but to no avail. I thank them all for the time they have given to help me. I think there is some sort of issue with the comms handshaking, but it is not entirely clear, so until I can physically get my hands on one of these, the download option for this machine will not work I'm afraid.

You can download the new version at the usual place.

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