26 December 2014

Version 1.14 of Snuffler released

My last post of the year will be for an update to my geophysics software, Snuffler. The new feature this update is an extension of the support for RM15/MPX15/RM85 multiplexing. As well as doing parallel readings, this update will now cope with readings on multiple levels. It is a bit of a nasty hack as far as the user interface is concerned, but it works. Here's how :

Normally, you download your data into an import file, then export from that into grids. Job done. With multiple levels of multiplexor data, there is an extra stage in the middle. In the initial download, you select the total number of readings recorded each time you put the probes in the ground. For example, if you record two readings with 0.5m probe spacing and one reading at 1m probe spacing, that would be a total of three readings at each point.

When you export from this import file, rather than getting grids, you will be asked which readings you will be exporting at this level, creating a new import file containg just the readings at that level, from which you export grids in the normal way. In the above example, you would create two new import files from the original import file. The first file would contain readings one and two and the second file would contain reading three. Full details on how to do it properly are listed at the bottom of the Import Files section of the help file.

I didn't have access to a machine when developing this, so it may not work perfectly. If you try this yourself and do have problems and the help file is not being helpful, please let me know. Many thanks to two of my users, Helen and Manuel, for helping me test this.

You can download the new version at the usual place.

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