29 October 2016

Latest Results: Chichester

Following on from last year's very successful radar survey in Chichester, I went back for another week of the same, this time around the area of the Cathedral in the south-west quadrant of the city. Chichester & District Archaeological Society had already found a lot in the area using earth resistance and excavation, so the radar didn't show a lot that was new, just in slightly better definition. There wasn't a lot around the cathedral itself, so the area has probably had any Roman remains there thoroughly removed, but there was around the Deanery and Bishop's Palace. The garden of the Deanery contains the old medieval (or post-medieval) Deanery, and the the area in front of the Bishop's Palace contains a Roman building and the medieval hall that was the old Bishop's palace.

The old Deanery in the garden of the current Deanery
Click for larger image

Roman building (green) and medieval Bishop's Palace (orange)
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I also went back to Priory Park to look again at the third Roman building (in green, within the lighter survey area) found near the cricket pitch. It has suffered greatly from robbing, not least by the Saxons, who seem to have used some of the stone in their sunken floor buildings, two of which appear (in purple) in the higher resolution re-survey of this area.

Priory Park survey. Click for larger image.

I'll be giving a talk on the results from both years for CDAS on the 22nd of February 2017 at 7:30pm in the cinema of the New Park Centre, New Park Road, Chichester.

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