29 August 2011

Latest Results: Pond Field at Barcombe

As part of the Culver Project, I've been working with Rob Wallace to track his Roman road across the fields. We surveyed a new field this bank holiday weekend, and the results are great! The road takes a strange curve, and there is settlement on both sides of it, partly obscured by a metal pipe. The other annoying thing about this metal pipe is that it carries on over the stream to the north, where my nice line of Roman iron-workings has turned into a modern metal pipe with some sections removed. I imagine this was a water pipe that once supplied a trough for animals, as it suddenly stop in the field to the north.

Rob has already dug up a section of the road in this field, and found burning and evidence of industry on site, which is why the ditch features show so clearly. I'm sure Rob will be excavating some more of this at some point, so if you are interested in getting involved, contact him at the Culver Project. Many thanks to Rob, John and my long suffering wife Merryn for helping out this weekend.

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