25 October 2011

Latest Results: Steyning

Working on the theory that large scale Roman occupation is common where Roman roads cross large rivers, I worked with the Independent Historical Research Group to try to find such settlement where the Sussex Greensand Way crosses the River Adur. Initially, to the west of the river, the results were promising. The magnetometer showed some Roman settlement next to the road, but the road was 80m north of where it was supposed to be. The red line shows Ivan Margary's course for the road, with the corrected line shown in green. The strange course for the road may have something to do with the steep slope that the road climbed up.

We were looking for something more substantial though, and there was plenty of pottery on the other side of the river, where the ground was not as steep. Unfortunately, due to very heavy contamination with metal, the area on the east side of the river was a complete mess on the results, so the Roman remains here will remain a mystery for a while longer. The plot is below anyway. Eeewwwwww! You can see the full report here.

1 comment:

  1. Ouch. There goes a good day of work.
    Brilliant results from the west of the river, though.