20 November 2011

Latest Results: Alfoldean

My final major survey of the year is on the Roman mansio at Alfoldean, with the Horsham group. The site is on Stane Street as it crosses the Western Rother, which the modern A29 follows. After Winbolt (SAC 64, p.81), Time Team had excavated here, re-excavating much of what Winbolt had already done. Time Team had surveyed a strip along the road to the west, but not to any great distance into the field. This survey went right across the field to the west, but not as far south as Time Team. We may return to do some more.

The mansio enclosure ditches are clear in the top-right of the image as a dark strip. This is also clear on the ground as a wide dip in the field. There is a break in this dip on the western side, and this is consistent with what looks like a track leading out, before disappearing briefly, the track seems to split, heading in a curve to the south, and in a straight line to the south-west before stopping at a perpendicular ditch, which seems to be part of another enclosure. It is in this area that a large spread of the sort of tiles that suggest a bath house are visible on the surface of the field. There are features within this enclosure, and one of them is particularly strong. Is this the location of the stoke hole for the bath house?

Well now it is getting towards winter, and my feet definitely need a rest, as I have developed Plantar Fasciitis due to excessive geophysics. Expect to see some more geophys results in the spring folks. Take care all.

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