21 October 2013

Version 1.12 of Snuffler Released

Another small update for Snuffler today, which will hopefully make the destripe filter easier to use.

A feature of the destripe filter that is useful, but many don't understand is that when reading through each line of data, it will restrict any readings it comes across that are outside the display bounds to the level of the display bounds, so if there is a reading of +60nT and the display bounds are +/- 2nT, that reading will be treated as +2nT. The benefit of this is that particularly strong features will not affect the filter too much, which would stop stripes being left visible even after filtering. The downside is that if your striping is particularly severe, you would need multiple passes of the destripe filter to get rid of the stripes, as it would only remove a maximum of 2nT (the display boundary) each time. This downside became most obvious a few versions back when I changed the default display boundary for mag data to +/-2nT rather than calculating a range from the readings in the file, which is more suitable for resistance data. The fact that you needed to do multiple destripes was not obvious to all of my users, and to be honest, it shouldn't need to be run multiple times, so I created a new destripe type, which is now the default, which will do multiple passes of the filter, so you don't have to. You still have the option to do a single pass if so desired.

The other noticeable change is that help file should hopefully work for more people now. I had several complaints that it wasn't, but couldn't replicate the problem on my machine. Having found a machine where it doesn't work, there should now be a workaround which will make it work for some people at least. If it still does not, let me know.

Changing the subject, if you fancy seeing me talk about geophysics and Roman roads, I will be at the CBA SE conference in Faversham on the 16th of November.


  1. Thanks very much for this work. I would be very interested in hearing about your work further.

  2. David,
    excellent work with Snuffler.
    Any plans to include the Arc Geo Mini in the list of devices?
    The difference from the Arc Geo being that the grid format is not fixed, but can be set in the field as custom.

    1. Hi Sean,
      The manufacturer has not contacted me about the update to the device and I don't have one myself. I would need to know the differences in the download format.