15 January 2014

News and more talking

Hello everyone. It's not a time for geophysics, being winter, so it is writing and talking time. For those of you who wondered where my website for Snuffler disappeared to, the company that did my web hosting fell off the edge of the world, so I had to spend some time regaining control of my domain name and sorting out new web hosting. All is well now.

I've mostly been spending my time writing a chapter on Roman roads for a book entitled Archaeology and Land-use of South-East England to 1066, which is being published as a tribute to Peter Drewett, who died last year. Having only knowledge of the Sussex area, I have been furiously researching what has been going on in Kent and Surrey since Margary's day. Thanks to a number of people from those counties, my task has been made somewhat easier. The book should hopefully appear in 2015.

My first talk of the year will be at the Lewes Archaeological Group, where I will be talking about Roman roads in the Lewes area, where I seem to be doing a lot of my geophysics surveys. The talk is at Lewes town hall on the 31st of January 2014 at 7:30pm.

Readers of my blog will remember me talking about Oaklands Park in Sedlescombe here and here. Well now the final report is online. If you don't fancy reading a long geophysics report, you can hear me talk about it on the 17th of February 2014 at 7:30pm. The venue is Pestalozzi, on whose land the majority of the work was done.

Finally, I will be running a series of dayschools at the Sussex School of Archaeology. It is a two day course. The first day will be out in the field, learning about earth resistance, resistance tomography, magnetometry and ground penetrating radar while the second day will be indoors, covering theory, data processing, interpretation and the effects of geology on geophysics. As there will be limited space on the first day, I have split that into two groups on the 5th and 12th of April 2014, with the two groups coming together for the day in the classroom on the 13th of April 2014.

Then, I will be all talked out and will return to the field for more geophysics.

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