06 March 2014

Geophysics on WWI Camp in Eastbourne

World War I is very much in the news at the moment, due to the centenary, so here is some WWI geophysics to entertain you. The site is the extreme south-east corner of Summerdown Convalescent Camp in Eastbourne, which is very near where I live. I got to use my new GPR system, which is always good, and it showed up the archaeology quite nicely. In the area surveyed, there are ablution and barrack blocks. The former have fairly solid foundation structures while the latter were built on a series of concrete piles. See if you can spot the in the image below. I would compare this to what was excavated... but no-one told me when the excavation happened. You can see the full report here and watch a movie of the time-slices here.

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